Jon’s got a dream and a plan to make that dream become reality.  For the next two weeks, he’s going to leave his normal life behind and embark on his own idealized version of the American Road Trip on an experimental motorcycle.  Schedules have been cleared, the route planned, and essentials packed — now he just needs to convince his salty, longtime friend Daryl, to ride in the sidecar of the motorcycle on a 3000 mile journey to the Pacific Northwest.  

Afflicted with a progressing eye condition that will eventually leave him blind, Daryl has harbored his own wish to take such a trip and is convinced to go.  Over the years, Daryl has helped Jon to get through some tough times and the trip is a change for Jon to give back and give Daryl a lasting experience that he can treasure when his sight completely fades.  With Jon anticipating an opportunity for the two of them to grow closer, the unlikely pair hits the road expecting fun and adventure at every turn.

Shortly into the trip, the prototype motorcycle starts shedding parts, and it becomes clear the trip Jon imagined isn’t going to happen.  When one of the wheels on the sidecar falls off, the pair is left stranded — without transportation as the hopes of finishing the trip begin to fade.

At times poignant, funny and bittersweet — the story unfolds as the two friends try to forge ahead and reach the coast.  Meeting characters at every stop, butting heads on just about anything, Jon and Daryl find a deeper understanding of life and friendship in this truthful journey of expectations and life.